Depression Types, Signs And Symptoms

It is the depression that may be sometime described as the feeling of sadness, blue, miserable, unhappy,or just down in own dumps. It is a most common thing and almost each one of us just feels only this way at a time or at some another time or sometime only for a short period of time. Happiness or depressions is just nothing but the state of mind that describes actually you are sad from within.

True clinical or medically defined depression is known to be just only a mood or the persona disorder in which the feelings of complete sadness, anger, loss or the feeling of frustration just go on interfering with the everyday life of the patient for the weeks or sometime for even longer time period.

Signs and symptoms of depression

Depression is just known to be a type of individual feeling that can change or sometime even distort to the way of your life and the way you usually see your life, yourselfand also to those who lives around you.

People who suffers from the problem or just have the depression usually found everything to be in a more negative attitude only. They sometime even cannot ponder or imagine that whether there is any problem or just the situation that can easily be solved simply and in a very positive way.

Most common symptoms of depression include:

Going to be isolated or withdrawn

Irritability, restlessness and the agitation

Problems of difficulty during concentration

Change in the appetite is also felt sometime and in few cases it is dramatic and hence it can also cause to lose the weight or gain the weight to the people

Sometime people do also start thinking of suicide.

The people might also suffer from the problems of not enough sleep or sometime excessive sleeping

Types of depression

Depression is perhaps one of the most  common disorders. It is one and only one psychological disorder which is supposed to receive the most attention. Lately it was hear that there are around a million of people who are getting treated with the Prozac and the multitude of the other antidepressants. Today almost everybody seems to know to someone who have been depressed or have at least a family member suffering from the problem of depression or just have a very close friend or just a co-worker suffering from the problems of depression.

When considering the categorization it is basically divided in following four types.

Major depression

Atypical depression

Psychotic depression

Dysthymia and

The manic depression

Among all these types of depressions the major depression is one of the most commonly known as well as the most commonly found types of depressions.